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Quick look! Installation precautions for greenhouse

2023-11-28 18:33:45
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Installing a greenhouse requires attention to details to ensure proper installation. The following are important considerations:

Site selection: Choose a suitable location for the greenhouse. Take into account factors such as sunlight exposure, wind direction, and proper drainage. Avoid areas with high-voltage power lines or potential sources of pollution.


Modern agricultural intelligent multi-span greenhouse

Foundation: Ensure a strong and level foundation for the greenhouse. Use durable materials such as concrete and reinforced steel to withstand various weather conditions.

Frame structure: Select a sturdy framework for the greenhouse structure. Consider materials that are corrosion-resistant and provide adequate support. Common choices include steel pipes and aluminum alloy.


Covering materials: Choose appropriate materials for the greenhouse cover. Look for materials that offer good light transmission, insulation, and protection against rain. Common options include PEP film, polycarbonate sheets, black and white films, and glass.


Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in the greenhouse. Consider the positioning, quantity, and size of ventilation openings to regulate temperature and humidity for optimal plant growth.

Irrigation: Plan for an efficient irrigation system in the greenhouse. Take into account the water requirements of the plants and select a suitable irrigation method. Ensure that the system is stable and reliable.

By following these installation precautions, you can create an ideal environment for plant growth in your greenhouse.

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