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Why has the use of greenhouse facilities become popular in recent years for agriculture?


The advantages of greenhouses not only lie in off-season vegetable production, but also include the production of green and pollution-free vegetables, high efficiency and energy saving, mechanization, development trends of facility agriculture, and solving labor shortages.

First of all, greenhouses can realize the production of off-season vegetables, so that spring vegetables and fruits can be put on the market in advance, the harvest period of autumn vegetables can be delayed, and vegetables can be produced even in winter. This enables a year-round supply of fresh vegetable products to meet people's needs.

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Substrate culture

Secondly, the micro-environmental climate of the greenhouse can isolate pests and diseases to the greatest extent and reduce damage to plants from outdoor dust, haze, etc. In this way, the vegetables produced can meet green and pollution-free standards, providing consumers with high-quality healthy food.

In addition, greenhouses can effectively utilize natural light energy in winter and provide light-transmitting covering materials to increase temperature quickly and provide sufficient light. The temperature and light conditions in the greenhouse can meet the needs of vegetable growth, thereby increasing yield and improving quality.

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solar greenhouse

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supplement light

In addition, greenhouses can realize mechanized production and realize intelligent and automated greenhouse management through the Internet of Things control software system. For example, the greenhouse's shading, ventilation, cooling, heating, irrigation and fertilization systems can be monitored and controlled in real time through a mobile phone or computer. This not only reduces the use of labor, but also saves resources such as water, fertilizer, electricity, and reduces energy consumption.

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Intelligent Control System

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Fertilizer storage tank

At the same time, greenhouses are in line with the development trend of facility agriculture. Developed countries have already adopted this model in vegetable cultivation, achieving greenhouse environmental control and scientific management of cultivation and planting systems through accurate data collection and processing systems. Facility agriculture can increase vegetable production to five to ten times that of backward areas.

Finally, greenhouses can solve the problem of labor shortage. Currently, most of the farmers engaged in agricultural cultivation are older farmers, but as they age, much of the land may be abandoned. The prices of agricultural products fluctuate greatly, and ordinary young people are not very interested in agricultural cultivation. The development trend of mechanized production in greenhouses and facility agriculture can reduce the demand for labor and provide more flexible employment opportunities.

Therefore, greenhouses have important advantages in off-season vegetable production, green pollution-free vegetables, high efficiency, energy saving, mechanization, development of facility agriculture, and solving labor shortages.